Oriental Area Rug Cleaning in Pleasanton CA

Cleaning Area Rugs since 1955 with our Guarantee “The Most Thorough Cleaning Your Area Rug Can Have, OR IT’S FREE”
Pleasanton CA Oriental Area Rug Cleaning
Our fondest memories were being in 4-H at the Pleasanton Alameda County Fair. We were the only family to bring clean rugs to sleep on for the outdoor overnights at the stable. For more than 60 years Appleby has been cleaning and restoring oriental rugs in Pleasanton CA.

Appleby Cleaning is still among the oldest and only complete service area rug cleaning facilities in the East Bay. Our professional staff can help with pick-up and delivery or you can just simply bring your area rugs to us. Our team welcomes you to take a look at our cleaning facility just off Marina Blvd. in San Leandro. There, we can provide your area rugs with all the necessary attention such as repair, chemically free moth removal, urine decontamination or even provide you a premier quality rug pad among others. We clean Oriental area rugs from all over the world such as wool, silk, cotton and synthetics.

All our rugs are assessed, tested for cleaning, logged and photographed. We start off the process by using a large dusting machine to remove the sand and many other dry particulates. Every rug is then hand washed and rinsed until the water runs clear. The rugs are then placed in a centrifuge where they are spun and rinsed again. Your thoroughly clean rugs are placed over night in our temperature regulated drying room. Any finish work is performed the following day.

Pleasanton is our community and we would like to be your expert area rug cleaner. We can also clean wall-to-wall carpet and furniture in your home or business too!

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

  • Inspection for Color Fastness
  • Dry Soil Extraction
  • Full Immersion in Mild Conditioner
  • Light Agitiation
  • Full Rinsing of Soil and Cleaning Residue
  • Treatment for Odor if Needed
  • Wringing and Extracting
  • Professional Fiber Protector
  • Grooming of Knap and Dry Hanging
  • Repair work as needed

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Area Wool Rug Before And After
Before and After
Wool Rug Before/After
Before and After
Area Rug Fringe Damaged
Fringe Repair Before
Area Rug Fringe Repaired
Fringe Repair After

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DuPont Teflon Protector

Does it work? Of course it does. That’s why most carpet, rugs and upholstery have protector on when you bought them. After cleaning, we will reapply these stain blockers to continue protecting your carpet, rugs and upholstery from harmful spills and accidents. We only use DuPont Teflon Protector. This non-stick technology will make your vacuuming more effective too.
Don’t leave your precious carpet, rugs and upholstery unprotected.

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