Consumer Awareness For Oriental Area Rugs

6 Costly Mistakes and Misconceptions about Area Rug Cleaning

Misconception #1 “My wall-to-wall carpet cleaner can clean my oriental area rug.”
Many cleaners who claim to be “Professional Rug Cleaners” are nothing of the kind. Do not allow your Oriental rug to be cleaned in your home! Allowing your wall-to-wall cleaner to take your precious oriental rug to “his facility” could be problematic. Some carpet cleaners use their driveways as their “special facility”. Ask him if he has an actual full immersion area rug cleaning plant. Many machine made area rugs can be cleaned in your home, but don’t take a chance with fine area rugs.

At Appleby
Here’s how we clean Area Rugs. Appleby has technicians and equipment that cleans wall-to-wall carpet. We also have a SEPARATE DIVISION with trained specialists equipped with a rug cleaning facility designed alone for oriental area rug cleaning. Come visit our facilities. (510) 351-5230 (925) 866-1333

Misconception #2 “Wool area rugs should not be cleaned with water.”
The Truth
All area rug cleaning plants clean with water. The good ones totally immerse the area rug in water. Prior to the modern rug cleaning plant, rugs were washed in the river. The critical part of cleaning with water is drying the rug quickly.

At Appleby
Each rug is color tested and the dyes are set.The rug is immersed in a bath of oriental rug shampoo and hand washed. We immerse the area rug in fresh running water until it runs through the rug and is clear. It’s then placed in a spinning centrifuge removing the excess water, groomed and dried over night. (510) 351-5230 (925) 866-1333

Misconception #3 ” Urine stains and odors can be effectively treated with store bought products such as Nature’s Miracle.”
The Truth
A diaper should not be just be deodorized. It needs to be washed free of contaminants. It’s no different with rugs.

At Appleby
With our odor decontamination service, we can guarantee odor removal by pushing water through the area rug until it runs clear of urine. Unfortunately urine can permanently stain the area rug fibers and cause dye bleeding if left too long.

Misconception #4 “Oriental rug cleaning is easy”
The Truth
It takes years of hands-on experience and an accumulation of rug knowledge to become a professional oriental rug cleaner. Knowing how to identify rugs that bleed color or those that change texture when washed takes time.
A facility to dust, wash, wring and dry rugs properly can be extremely costly.

At Appleby
We have been cleaning area rugs for 57 years. We staff a Certified Rug Specialist and are certified by the IICRC. Our facility is state of the art and we welcome your visit.(510) 351 5230 (925) 866-1333

Misconception #5 “If something goes wrong, I’m sure my cleaner has insurance.”
The Truth
Not necessarily. Insurance companies insure differently depending on the cleaning process and facilities. It’s easy for a carpet cleaner to save money by simply cleaning a rug on his driveway without a proper facility.
Even if he has insurance for in-plant cleaning, did you know insurance does not cover workmanship? That means if he damages your area rug because he did not clean it properly, IT’S NOT COVERED.

At Appleby
Appleby is fully insured to safely pick-up, store and deliver your area rugs back to you.
(510) 351-5230 (925) 866-1333

Misconception #6 “My area rugs can be cleaned in a day or two.”
The Truth
Professional rug cleaning facilities don’t clean rugs that quickly. Professional area rug cleaning is a process that takes time. There are several steps involved that can only go so fast, such as soaking, slow agitation and dry times.

At Appleby
Thorough cleaning of your area rug generally takes about 7-10 days.

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