Glass, Grout and Caulking

Repairs that will save you money.

Grout Staining

Sometimes grout becomes stained from foot traffic, spilled liquids or pet accidents. Even with our best efforts and state-of-the-art technology, Appleby knows that some grout is permanently discolored. The best option? Grout staining with an acrylic in the color of your choice that seals the grout pores and produces a fantastic result. We can even repair cracks, chips and voids.


A well-placed bead of caulk can mean the difference between water-protected wood and dry rot. Old, cracked and dried out caulking can also look unsightly and retain mold. Appleby can replace your old caulking with expertise and just the right color, in both sanded and non-sanded acrylic silicone, clear silicone and white silicone.

Shower Glass

Covered in soap scum and other bath products, Appleby can service your shower glass and seal it with water-repelling sealer. Using the best methods of glass polishing, Appleby uses a polishing tool with a proprietary cream to give you the best result possible. We also replace shower sweeps and L stops yellowed from age and use.

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