Dog with rug

What’s the best way to clean a rug?

No, I’m not talking about the one on your head.  (Just shave that dome, the women love it!)

We define a rug as a carpet that is not attached to the floor or your head.  If you have a dirty rug to be cleaned, you want a rug cleaning specialist, not an on-location carpet cleaner. Why? Thanks for asking. Carpet cleaners (wall-to-wall carpet cleaners) use equipment that is meant to only clean the top two-thirds of the dirty carpet yarns. That way the backing doesn’t get damp.

Ingenuous, right?

Fine if you want something two-thirds clean.  So why not have it thoroughly washed by a rug-cleaning specialist?  I’m talking about total immersion cleaning; a rug that is as clean as the day you first brought it home. That’s what we can give you at our rug cleaning plant in the East Bay. Let our carpet cleaners clean your carpets attached to your floor and our rug-cleaning specialists clean your loose area rugs in our plant.

Joe Appleby Rug cleaner