atherton_tile_replacement_005 atherton_tile_replacement_002


The boys did a fun job in Atherton last week.  Appleby cleaned, honed, polished and sealed the light-colored limestone and replaced five tiles in this whimsical home decorated by JR. McDonald.  The colors, fabrics and artwork are amazing, all working together to produce a feeling of magic and surprising warmth.

There were several challenges to this job.  The limestone was dirty and scratched, and the constitution of the stone was delicate.  This makes tile replacement a challenge because the stone easily disintegrates, chips and cracks if not properly backed.  The boys polished up the stone while the homeowners were out of town, and Les replaced the tile.  Les said the mortar bed was crumbly and deep.  The repair required a good amount of thin-set and non-sanded grout.

The homeowners said when they returned home the house looked better than it did 15 years ago when they moved in!  They were so happy to have Appleby take care of them and plan to have us back!  That makes me happy too!