joe_pic_for_website_1276805739Everyday I receive calls asking if we can do some rug cleaning in Pleasanton or rug cleaning in Orinda or Walnut Creek or Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay?!!

I let the caller know we do rug cleaning in Pleasanton, rug cleaning in Danville, rug cleaning in Oakland, but most of our rug cleaning is done in San Leandro. The caller asks, “Why is that”? I say that’s where our professional rug cleaning plant is located. I know what the next question is before it’s asked.

“Why should I have my rugs cleaned in your plant in San Leandro”? I say that’s where your rugs will receive the best cleaning. “Really and why is that,” the caller will respond. That’s when I go into my schpell; a dozen times a day. I really don’t mind. As they said in The Godfather, “This is the business we have chosen”.

“Rugs professionally cleaned in our San Leandro plant are first inspected and videoed. We check for damage, dye bleeding, urine, dead bodies or any special needs. Next we dust the rugs removing dry soil and sand. This is followed by a lot of sneezing. From there the rugs are immersed into a bath. We hand wash both sides with a rug shampoo. Our pump floods fresh water through the rugs to rinse all the dirty water out. This is done until the water runs clear. A sample of the water is given to our assistant to drink. If he doesn’t get sick we know the rugs have been thoroughly rinsed. Two strong men place the rugs in our state-of the-art centrifuge which spins all the water out. Once the water is out we hang the rugs in our temperature controlled drying room next to the salami. The following day we take the rugs down for finish work or repairs. We roll them up (wrapped if you’d like) and put them on shelf with a chocolate mint.

Which day would you like your rugs picked up?”