It must be party time again.

We can tell by the number of calls we get for wine stains on carpet. With all the graduations and weddings in June, Thanksgiving and Christmas at year’s end, SuperBowls in January and Cinco De Mayo fiestas in summer, wine spills on carpet are common. We get more calls for wine stains than beer. We like to think our client base is more refined. But I know beer doesn’t stain. Wine stains. Our customers will apply 1st aid using everything from salt to baking soda. One lady told me she’d put milk on her wine stain. Wine stains aren’t difficult to remove from synthetic carpets. It’s wool that gives us nightmares. If you need to remove a wine stain, go to our spot-cleaning page. You’ll find plenty of information regarding spot removal.  We even have a video that shows you how!  Go to our VIDEO page to see that, or to our Home Page and click on the “FREE” button for free stuff.