chipped granite

Granite is a fantastic material for the kitchen, and that’s why it’s found in so many homes.  While granite is highly acid-resistant and durable, it’s also hard.  And with the hardness comes a brittleness that will sometimes cause it to chip.  There are various ways to fix a chip in granite.  A popular method is to use an epoxy that is cured with UV light. If the actual chip in the granite is salvageable, reglue the chip into the void and fill the rest of the cracked areas with epoxy.  Once the epoxy has been exposed to the UV activator light, the excess can be scraped off with a sharp razor blade.  Once the excess is removed, the area is polished with a fine polishing cream to match the sheen of the existing granite.  Sometimes, with large chips more than one application of the epoxy may be required.  Another method for large chips is to fill with a mortar epoxy and paint to match.  The final step for this method is to coat with a lacquer to match the existing sheen.