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Here’s a chip I fixed in Ceasarstone in San Francisco last week.  I used Travertine patch and added some white to it.  I built it up over several applications and cleaned up the excess patch with acetone.  Ceasarstone is a man-made subsatnce and we generally don’t do many repairs on it, but the homeowner asked me to and I obliged.  The difficulty with these types of materials is the absolute consistency of the color, which makes them challenging to patch.  With granite or marble, the variation in the natural stone is more forgiving, therefore allowing the eye and brain to “unsee” the patched spot.  With man-made substances, we do the best we can.  The customer found this patch acceptable and I charged him the minimum.  He was happy to have that chip gone.  Before the repair, everytime he went into the kitchen it reminded him of the pot he’d dropped on the edge!