before and after felt pads

Okay, it isn’t really a chainsaw, but leaving your hardwood, marble or laminate floor exposed to the vicious teeth of an unprotected chair can cause just as much damage as a whirring blade.  Appleby provides a new service, one that you should be excited about–because it saves you money!  We’ve recently come into possession of “Padlock” felt pads.  These pads are fantastic and replace the cheap or non-existent ones you generally find on the bottom of your manufactured chairs.

Usually, the chair manufacturers place foot pads on the lowest possible priority.  The bottom of most chairs are not seen, yet most people don’t think about how much damage they can do to a floor.  Appleby has seen lots of damage to all kinds of hard surface flooring.  It only makes sense to offer our customers a way to protect their floors with minimal cost.

If you notice that you have scratches around your kitchen table, or if you just feel it’s time to have those cheap stick-on pads replaced with superior design and long-lasting quality, consider giving us a call to replace all the pads in our home.

Pad replacement is only $6 per pad (which includes labor) with a minimum of $125 order.

Give us a call today at (925) 866-1333 or (510) 351-5230.

We look forward to getting that chainsaw out of the house!