joe_pic_for_website_1276805739Hello, my name is Joe Appleby and this is my 1st “Blog”. Never before have I had such an opportunity to write about my company. It’s difficult to know where to begin. We offer so many services and visit so many homes and businesses throughout the bay area each day.

Our day starts before 8 AM each morning. Phone messages are taken, vans are readied, and technicians receive their work orders. Our rug cleaning plant pulls down the dry rugs that were hung the night before. Dirty rugs are inspected for dusting and washing. Our on-location cleaning crews map out their day. The in-home carpet and upholstery technicians will visit 1 to 4 homes a day.  The stone restoration crews will service 1 or 2 sites a day. Mark, our hard surface manager will estimate 6 to 8 potential jobs. Les is our project manager. He can do just about anything from HR to building out our shop. We have 3 customer service reps in the office answering phones and coordinating jobs. I manage the carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning division.

As changes take place I hope to keep you informed.